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Meet Tracy: Our Wellness Whisperer

Tracy's personal transformation is a testament to the power of self-care and holistic health. Shedding over 50 pounds and reversing dis-ease through lifestyle changes, Tracy turned her corporate burnout into a thriving wellness journey. As Llamaskar's 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC) specialist, she empowers others to embark on their own paths of healing and growth. Tracy advocates for holistic well-being, blending her expertise with yoga, mindfulness, and plant-based nutrition to help others flourish.

Flourish With Tracy

Meet Priyanka: Our Mindful Movement Maven

Priyanka's yoga journey spans over two decades, starting in the bustling city of New Delhi and expanding globally through her online presence. As our Mindful Movement Maven, she specializes in blending meditation with mindful movement, helping individuals connect deeply with their body, breath, and spirit. Priyanka co-leads Llamaskar's 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC) with Tracy, empowering others to embark on their paths of healing and growth. Her approach goes beyond traditional yoga, incorporating life lessons of patience, empathy, and stress management into everyday actions

Yoga with Priyanka

Meet Cathy: Our Nidra Navigator

Cathy brings her expertise as a teacher and life coach to Llamaskar, where she specializes in yoga nidra and guided meditation. She is a Las Vegas-based educator who provides coaching, guidance, and programs to teens, and young adults as well as support for the parents who love them. Her commitment is encapsulated in her motto: "I serve parents who are looking for more for their teens in all aspects of life." Known as the Nidra Navigator, Cathy guides her community through transformative wellness journeys, helping them achieve self-acceptance and holistic well-being. 

Live Your Bliss

Meet Aaron Michael Pyne: Our Elven Wizard

Aaron combines deep spiritual insights with practical business acumen. An energy healer, spiritual mentor, and business intuitive, he began his spiritual journey at seventeen, leading to profound multi-dimensional experiences that shaped his understanding of reality and human potential. With extensive studies in mystical, spiritual, and holistic healing modalities, Aaron assists clients and businesses in tapping into their inner power, fostering consciousness, and manifesting their spiritual missions into tangible outcomes.

The Elven Wizard

Meet Blackbear Our Vegas Events Expert and Drum Circle Facilitator

Joe "Blackbear" is the Founder and Facilitator of The Circle Event Planning in Las Vegas. Known for his vibrant community spirit, Joe hosts numerous events, including the popular Saturday Night Drum Circle and Gathering of the Tribes. A long-time yogi and seasonal drum teacher, Joe is dedicated to fostering social interaction, cultural appreciation, and personal growth. His philosophy, "creating brings us closer to the creator," is evident in his inclusive events that provide a safe and creative space for all. We invite the Llamaskar community to join Joe at these gatherings, whether it's Sunday at the Redrock drum circle, hand drums at the park for Mandela Monday, or our monthly nightlife gatherings on Saturday nights at the Lakebed. Joe's commitment to creating a welcoming environment ensures that everyone feels like part of a larger family.

Kaitlyn Taylor: Our Crystal and Vocals Expert 

Kaitlyn Taylor brings a unique blend of talents to Llamaskar, enriching our community through her expertise in crystals and her captivating vocals. As the founder of WrapQueensCrystals, Kaitlyn meticulously charges, cleanses, and blesses each crystal, reflecting her deep spiritual connection. Her journey began as a therapeutic outlet during a challenging time and has blossomed into a thriving creative venture. Renowned for her soul-stirring performances, Kaitlyn's rich, soulful sound spans genres such as R&B, Soul, Jazz, and Blues. She has graced stages at corporate events, private parties, and community gatherings, leaving a lasting impact on her audiences. Kaitlyn’s talents in crystals and music bring a special vibrancy to Llamaskar, encouraging creativity, healing, and spiritual growth within our community.

Singing Wrap Queen

Andrew Wheaton: Our OG Breathwork Buddy

Andrew Wheaton is our dedicated Hatha yoga and breathwork expert at Llamaskar. His journey has taken him through the spiritual landscapes of India, where he immersed himself in traditional Hatha yoga and ancient breathwork techniques. Now, Andrew integrates these practices with modern plant medicine to offer a comprehensive approach to wellness. As the co-founder of The Noögenesis Foundation, alongside his wife Alana Zanadu, he focuses on harmonizing mind and spirit. Andrew's teachings foster self-discovery, healing, and personal transformation, making him an essential guide within the Llamaskar community. 

The Noögenesis Foundation Network ( 

Little Yogi Loading: Ashley

Ashley’s journey into the world of yoga began after a profound personal loss, seeking solace and mental healing through yoga. She earned her 200-hour certification in Hatha Vinyasa and holds a special certification in children's yoga.  Her classes blend vinyasa for all levels, power yoga, and children's yoga, infusing each session with dynamic flows, pranayama, and meditation.  At Llamaskar, Ashley focuses on supporting those giving up alcohol.Ashley is in the process of adding a little yogi to the family and will be back with us when she's settled.

Yogi in Vegas

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