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Meet Our Leaders!

Meet Tracy: Our Wellness Whisperer

Tracy's personal transformation is a testament to the power of self-care and holistic health. Shedding over 50 pounds and reversing dis-ease through lifestyle changes, Tracy turned her corporate burnout into a thriving wellness journey. As Llamaskar's 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC) specialist, she empowers others to embark on their own paths of healing and growth. Tracy advocates for holistic well-being, blending her expertise with yoga, mindfulness, and plant-based nutrition to help others flourish.

Meet Priyanka: Our Mindful Movement Maven

Priyanka's yoga journey spans over two decades, starting in the bustling city of New Delhi and expanding globally through her online presence. As our Mindful Movement Maven, she specializes in blending meditation with mindful movement, helping individuals connect deeply with their body, breath, and spirit. Priyanka co-leads Llamaskar's 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC) with Tracy, empowering others to embark on their paths of healing and growth. Her approach goes beyond traditional yoga, incorporating life lessons of patience, empathy, and stress management into everyday actions

Yoga with Priyanka

Meet Cathy: Our Nidra Navigator

Cathy brings her expertise as a teacher and life coach to Llamaskar, where she specializes in yoga nidra and guided meditation. She is a Las Vegas-based educator who provides coaching, guidance, and programs to teens, and young adults as well as support for the parents who love them. Her commitment is encapsulated in her motto: "I serve parents who are looking for more for their teens in all aspects of life." Known as the Nidra Navigator, Cathy guides her community through transformative wellness journeys, helping them achieve self-acceptance and holistic well-being. 

Live Your Bliss

Meet Aaron Michael Pyne: Our Elven Wizard

Aaron combines deep spiritual insights with practical business acumen. An energy healer, spiritual mentor, and business intuitive, he began his spiritual journey at seventeen, leading to profound multi-dimensional experiences that shaped his understanding of reality and human potential. With extensive studies in mystical, spiritual, and holistic healing modalities, Aaron assists clients and businesses in tapping into their inner power, fostering consciousness, and manifesting their spiritual missions into tangible outcomes.

The Elven Wizard

Upcoming Trainings and Partnerships


200hr Yoga Teacher Training Certification

Have you ever thought about participating in a yoga immersion, further your personal practice, or perhaps teach yoga? 

If you have thought about or answered "yes" to any of the above, I would like to invite you to join our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Certification this fall.

We will be conducting this  training live, online.  You will be able to stay connected to your friends and family in the comfort of your home while studying. This training is an approved Yoga Alliance curriculum and you will be able to register your certification (optional) upon graduation.

Early bird discounts, scholarships &  preregistration are available.

Special Offer for Llamaskar Members

Llamaskar members, we have something special for you! Dive deeper into your adventure with exclusive member benefits. Claim your special deal here and explore more about our engaging and unique experiences at Inner Realms Journey.

Inner Realms Journey

Discover Inner Realms Journey, where fantasy gaming meets guided meditation to create transformative experiences. 

Therapeutic Adventures  

Created by our own Elven Wizard we are proud to partner with IRJ to bring this amazing program to the health and wellness world. 

Our innovative approach enhances emotional and cognitive resilience, making it an ideal addition to therapeutic practices. If you're interested in exploring how our program can be integrated into your health facility, hospice, coaching program please fill out the interest form found here Professional Use - Inner Realms Journey or contact me at 

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